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Dental Treatments


Crowns and Bridges

A crown can save a broken or decayed tooth by holding it together & preserving it from further damage.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are a comfortable, natural-looking alternative to natural teeth.


Porcelain Inlays & Onlays

An exceptional solution to cavity pain, reduced chewing strength & general degeneration of the back teeth.


Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can rejuvenate your lackluster teeth & transform your smile. Having a fabulous smile can make a massive impact on the way you look & feel.


Composite Restorations/Fillings

Composite fillings provide added tooth support – they’re made with a substance that chemically bonds to the tooth structure.



Invisalign gradually shift your teeth into the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Plus you can smile confidently without trying to hide a mouthful of metal!


Teeth Whitening

If you want your teeth to be “pearly whites” again, your best bet is to talk to Dr. Faiella about teeth whitening. 


Removable Partials & Full Dentures

You will have your smile back & will recover chewing & biting ability.



A tooth that needs to be extracted can become problematic, resulting in pain, infection & other dental problems.


TMD/Bruxism/Teeth Grinding

While most TMJ pain or discomfort resolve themselves without any major treatment, some patients will need more long-term solutions.


Fixed and Removable Implant Supported Dentures

If you have lost all of your teeth on your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both, dentures can give you your teeth back. 

Most studies of flossing have been too short to prove the daily practice has long-term health benefits, some dentists say. But conclusive studies aren't cheap or easy.

Preventative Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the best way to avoid painful, expensive dental procedures as it stresses at-home dental care that will help prevent decay or disease.


Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling & root planing can decrease the need for surgery in the future & usually helps swollen bleeding gums become healthy & pink again.


Pediatric Dentistry

There are many preventive measures available to keep children’s teeth healthy and clean, including sealants, fluoride treatments, and mouth guards. 


Root Canals

The procedure is generally comfortable and saves the natural tooth, prevents the spread of infection, and returns the smile to complete health.


Oral Cancer Screening

Oral pathology involves diagnosing and treating diseases of the mouth such as cysts, tumors, and precancerous and cancerous lesions.